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The Most Overlooked Aspect of Emergency Preparedness.

Emergency situations and disasters have an effect on all of us. They increase stress, can effect sleep, impact decision making ability, and cause extreme fatigue.

This can be looked at through a variety of different angles. There is a great deal of research indicating that an individual’s level of physical fitness is a factor in their perceived level of stress. The less physically fit a person is, the greater impact a stressful event had. This increase in stress perception has the ability to greatly impact decision making abilities and the ability to respond and help others.

A New Adventure

The Hillsboro CERT program is beginning the use of a new content management system. This should allow us to improve communication with our members and promote a more interactive environment.

It is my belief that providing information will not only help us be better prepared as a community, it will help us function better as neighborhoods.

Are You Waiting or Preparing?

I have had the opportunity to spend over 20 years playing or coaching sports from T-ball to college. My focus was always football but I had the opportunity to play baseball, basketball, and track in high school. I spent a short time in college playing football as well. As a player I was able to be surrounded by a great support system which provided the framework to be successful. In the end I had to do the work and I was the one who controlled my level of success.

It All Comes Down to Relationships

I was checking my Facebook page the other day and reading about all the “exciting” things my friends were doing. Someone was bored at work, someone was tired, someones kid wouldn’t nap, etc. It got me thinking about how I communicate with my neighbors. You guessed it, I have found myself communicating with my neighbors more often on Facebook rather than actually talking with them. Granted it has been winter and people aren’t spending as much time outside but how can a meaningful relationship be built or maintained using status updates?

The great lifesaving Triangle of Life. (Note Sarcasm)

With the recent earthquake in Japan we are seeing similar emails regarding the Triangle of Life like we did after Haiti. Below I will provide a few sources of information that I use and trust. In short, the emergency management and response community do not support this and recommend Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

A new year and a needed resolution

A new year has begun. Every year many people make resolutions. Often these revolve around physical fitness or weight loss. Some might be related to education or career choices. These are all great areas for people to focus on. What would happen if individuals and families made a resolution to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies?

Things are always changing

I have spent time preparing my family for disaster. We have prepared with supplies, financially, increased our insurance, and plan with the neighbors.

All of us have planned and prepared. When was the last time we reviewed our plans and checked our supplies? I ask this because on April 3rd things changed for me. My wife and I were blessed with our second child. As a result I added additional water to our kits. I added formula, diapers, clothes, etc.

As those of you who have kids know, they grow like weeds. Something that fits or works one week might not work the next.

Redefining Disaster

Robert Johnston, owner of Datajockeys, was an integral part of getting this new site up a running. He provided excellant consultation for me and helped work through some kinks. We were talking the other day and he brought up an interesting point. He mentioned that we spend so much time preparing for natural disasters like earthquakes and weather events but often neglect our personal lives. What about financial disasters? Have you prepared?

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