Redefining Disaster

Robert Johnston, owner of Datajockeys, was an integral part of getting this new site up a running. He provided excellant consultation for me and helped work through some kinks. We were talking the other day and he brought up an interesting point. He mentioned that we spend so much time preparing for natural disasters like earthquakes and weather events but often neglect our personal lives. What about financial disasters? Have you prepared?

Regardless of your policitical stance or views regarding the economy, it does affect all of us. You may have lost your position or you know someone who has. You have seen real estate values drop or taken a pay cut. Your favorite store is closing or you have lost a great deal of value in your retirement accounts. These are some examples. Increases in the national debt, reduction in services, cut school days, the list can go on.

As we talked about during the disaster psychology portion of our CERT training, we are all affected differently by disaster. What is tragic for some may seem small to others. This is important to remember when talking with people who have been affected by the current state of affairs. Take some time to review the material on dealing with people affected by disaster.

I am sure we do not all agree on the cause and the solution of the current situation. One thing we can all do is what we have done for natural disasters. Take steps to protect you and your family.

I am adding a section to the forums with information that should help you better prepare financially for an emergency. I have some personal favorites that I will include. Please add resources you have as well.

I look forward to seeing what has worked for you.

Thank you for your time and service.

Mitch Neilson